What is brekki?

A pinch of oatmeal – sure. A dash of muesli – we’d agree. A hint of chia pudding – indeed.

Brekki is a line of convenient, nutritionally balanced dairy-free overnight oats with the added flavor and crunch of amaranth, buckwheat, flax seeds, and chia seeds all mixed together with almond milk, fruit, and a touch of coconut nectar for sweetness. Just peel the seal. Stir well. And enjoy Brekki!  

Convenient and complete Nutrition

With nutritional balance in mind, our nutritional statement stands firmly on its own…in just one cup you’ll find: 

Brekki Protein Info

Product attributes consumers demand

What you will not find in Brekki are...

  • GMOs (Certified Non GMO)
  • Gluten (Certified Gluten Free)
  • Dairy (Dairy Free - No Cows, No Problem)
  • Soy (Free of Soy)
  • Anything Artificial (no shortcuts)
  • Animal Products (100% Vegan)