INSpired in Austraila, Born In san Deigo

It all started with the need for a convenient, nutrient dense breakfast that would prevent the mid-morning trip to the vending machine. Taking inspiration from Australian cuisine and their slang term for breakfast, Brekki was born.    

Called Bircher Muesli in Europe and Australia, we felt it most resembled an american breakfast quickly becoming mainstream, called Overnight Oats. A mixture of oats, grains, seeds and fruit soaked in milk, in Brekki’s case, dairy-free milk.

Born in San diego

Founded in 2017 by former professional Lacrosse player, Greg Peyser, and collegiate lacrosse player, Russell Radebaugh. The two launched the brand into Southern California Whole Foods Markets and have since gained nationwide distribution.  

Our approach

Our approach is simple: use simple plant based ingredients, make it taste great, and deliver a nutritionally balanced product.