a breakfast need

It all started with the need for a convenient, nutrient filled breakfast that prevent the mid morning trip to the vending machine.  As a young person, Russell was always active in competitive sports and working on his family's farm.  In 2014, he had taken his physical training to another level, participating in a number of marathon and ultramarthon races.  While training around a full-time work schedule, he was left searching for a convenient breakfast that would give him the nutrition (calories, protein, fat and fiber) needed to fuel his active lifestyle.   


Inspired down under

At the same time, he embarked on a fortuitously timed trip with his wife to her native Australia.  The Aussies are notorious for their cafĂ© culture and during the trip, he was introduced to Bircher Muesli, a century old European breakfast consisting of oats, grains, seeds and fruit soaked in milk and yogurt.  After two weeks of his new daily breakfast, it was clear this was just the well-rounded, satiating dish he was looking for stateside.  Taking inspiration from Australian cuisine and their slang term for breakfast, Brekki was born.  


Born in San diego

Fast forward two years, Russell moves to San Diego and reunites with friend and fellow collegiate athlete Greg Peyser.  They both begin working nights and weekends to improve the original formula and begin to make plans to bring Brekki to the masses.  Hundreds of samples later, they had finalized the Brekki recipe and were ready to take the leap.  

Our approach

Our approach is simple: use simple plant based ingredients, make it taste great, and deliver a nutritionally balanced product.