Brekki Overnight Oats Original Plain


Basic is boss. Chewy oats, chia and flax crunch with almond in a creamy, nutty medley that always satisfies. 

Brekki Overnight Oats Blueberry


Wild blueberries add a brambly sweetness and bonus antioxidants to our modern mix of ancient grains. 

Brekk Overnight Oats Raspberry


We love a touch of tart raspberry tingling in our lusciously milky oats, perked with toasty puffed amaranth.

Brekk Overnight Oats Strawberry


Classic for a reason, a burst of juicy strawberry fresh from the farm brightens any morning. 

Brekk Overnight Oats Coconut Cardamom

Coconut cardamom

Silky coconut milk, tender shredded coconut and the citrusy spice of cardamom lavish this healthy comfort with tropical richness.