Brekki Overnight Oats Original Plain


Where it all started, the OG!  Our unique mix of oats, ancient grains, chia seeds, flax seeds, and almond milk is packed with the protein, fiber, and calories needed to fuel your day.

Brekki Overnight Oats Blueberry


As if we couldn't pack any more good into this container, we've added antioxidant rich blueberries and a touch of sugar for sweetness.  Still less than 12g per cup.

Brekk Overnight Oats Raspberry


Sweet, slightly tart raspberries provide the ultimate balance to our creamy, slightly nutty overnight oats base.  This is an office favorite at Brekki HQ.

Brekk Overnight Oats Strawberry


Good ole reliable strawberry, it is always a top performer in every breakfast lineup.  It's no different at Brekki, we just don't use artificial flavors or colors to make ours taste great.

Brekk Overnight Oats Coconut Cardamom

Coconut cardamom

Almond milk AND coconut milk with shredded coconut and cardamom.  Its delicious, trust us.